An OpenFOAM solution of water passing an edge

Elevator pitch
(læs her, hvis du er en dansker med beregningsbehov)

I take for granted that you know about the benefits of "simulation", CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), finite elements, CFD or whatever you wish to call it.

I also assume that you find it nontrivial to integrate these benefits into your daily product development work. Most people in your position do.

I may have found it hard for more decades than you have. But being an engineer, I have also developed many solutions. I offer solutions on a level which may be outside your range of interest. However, I also offer solutions on a practical, more basic level.

On the basic level, I offer you three benefits at the same time

  1. Competence: I may point you towards high-level simulation features that fit exactly into your business.
  2. Standardization: If Mr. Smith performs his hand-made analyses differently from those of Mr. Johnson, they cannot be compared. Standardized, pushbutton procedures eliminate impediments like this.
  3. Cost savings: The stuff I give you may never pull a software license.

Where is the catch?

You will depend on me (or somebody else from my network) for maintenance.

Is there a remedy for that catch?

Sure. I commit to a transparency policy which is exactly what you need.

What is the alternative to open source CAE?

Big vendors who pitch you the benefits of standard systems. Feel free to evaluate their benefits against mine. I have some general comments here.

Where to go for more information?

Buy me lunch and get an otherwise free presentation at your site.

Consider the "taxi drive pitch" as an in-between means of receiving my message. Just push one of the two buttons below.

For even more words on the subject, study my website or my LinkedIn profile activities in their entirety.

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