Valuable or cheap?

Should my surroundings - for the moment, my surroundings are you - consider me valuable or cheap? Perhaps both. I have started to offer professionals in Denmark and Skåne a one hour presentation on their site if they buy me lunch. You can read the full extent of my offer below:

“What your CAE vendor doesn’t want you to know”
is the title which I have given to what could also be called “The Simxon Roadshow”.
I intend to give a one hour presentation at any company which invites me and gives me an otherwise free lunch. Outside Denmark and Skåne, I expect to be reimbursed for transportation costs.
My presentation is a condensed version of all the information that I have posted on LinkedIn and my company website for more than a year.
What do I expect to sell? The only thing I have: myself.
What should you expect to get? Inspired…

(you may read more about democratization here)

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