Care to join me for a CAE audience of 100,000?

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According to legend, classical conductor Herbert von Karajan returned from his 1957 tour to Japan as a different man. Simply because he had been informed about a radio and TV audience radically larger than the numbers he had been accustomed to.

My and Mr. Karajan's mutual differences notwithstanding (an attempt to apply deadpan humor), I want to follow in his footsteps when it comes to genuinely respecting this kind of a new audience.

My company, Simxon, has just been appointed partner to "the new kid in the block", SimScale. In this role, I want to do my best. Therefore, I call for assistance concerning the articles that I am supposed to regularly author for the benefit of SimScale's 100,000+ customers.

I see only one basic rule: Respect that they are 100,000+ happy customers. This is what defines them as a group. Also respect that their happiness is rather robust. They all do high-quality, well-supported number crunching. Some of them do it at a cost of EUR 0.00 per megaflop.

So, I have defined what they have. What do they need, then?

My answer to this question is: "context". I learned a lot about context at the university. Practicing in industry for more than three decades, I have learned even more.

Dear reader: adding your CAE knowledge to mine and finally conveying it in a meaningful way to SimScale's customers is a formidable task. I happen to enjoy challenges like this and hope by this announcement to find kindred spirits.

First in my pipeline is an article which explains and illustrates the concept of fluid viscosity in terms of its weird, but challenging, consequence: turbulence. For an audience which can perform CFD simulations with turbulence in their browser one hour after having registered for free with SimScale.

Such an audience has never existed before. They need the tools they have for the exact same purposes as university students and seasoned industry practitioners. But they will - with or without our assistance - reach their objectives in a radically different way.

I see a point in assisting SimScale's 100,000 customers where they are. Teaching methods which have worked with others until now will not work with them. This calls for innovative teaching strategies.

Want to join?

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